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How It Works

We provide complete attention to your vehicle by operating by appointment only. Click on the Quick Quote Form button and fill out a few pieces of information as well as what services you are interested in receiving. We will contact you quickly to discuss the best choice and find an appointment block that works for your schedule. After the booking, you can drop your vehicle off your vehicle at the garage location at the time of the appointment, or contact me about dropping off early or the evening before.


If you drive through a $35 wash, you can expect a $35 wash…with potentially damaging bristles that just “washed” the 100’s of cars right before yours. Instead of adding swirls and missing so many areas left uncleaned, let Core Car Cleaning provide a proper interior and exterior vehicle detail. The results and testimonials will support your decision. Learn more…

As for paint correction and ceramic coating, unless you’re a car enthusiast, you probably have no idea what that means and what the service provides to your vehicle. No worries, you are not alone. Click on the link to our ceramic coating page to learn more…


After the first year in business, the requests speak for themselves as to what customers desire. As for vehicle detailing, we have simplified to offer only Full Details, which includes both the inside and outside of your vehicle. We have also simplified the size options…all vehicles are priced the same unless you have a 3rd row of seats or if you have a full-size truck. Click on the Quick Quote Form, fill out some basic information and what services you are interested in and we’ll be in contact shortly to find an appointment that works in your schedule.

As for paint corrections and ceramic coating, pricing will be finalized after we have spoken and understand your vehicle’s current situation and future expectation. Click the Quick Quote Form here…